Company Information

Established in 2008, Srilavya Business Centers are currently present across two locations in Hyderabad. The Centers provide fully serviced, furnished, plug & play offices conforming to the best standards, ranging from small capacities (70 seats/8500 Sq.ft) up to large capacities (350 seats/68000 Sq.ft). An experienced and efficient support team helps complete the perfect business environment. Added features include conference rooms, superior IT infrastructure, computers.

Our Values
Your company can focus on its core business goals without having to think about IT infrastructure or facilities management. It doesn't take months of planning or energy to move into Srilavya office space. Stop by, tour, and move in instantly.

We are independent organization that takes great pride in our ability to satisfy your every need from the technical to the administrative. We are constantly upgrading each of our services to reflect our clients changing needs and the changing business environment; our personal commitment extends to making every effort to assist with unusual request of a temporary or permanent nature.

Our staff is the cornerstone of our personal service. We are unequalled in professionalism, helpfulness and ability. From our administrative staff, to our location managers, every Prime Office Centers staff member will always personally ensure that you receive the attention and service you deserve.

Our Commitment
We at Srilavya are offering lowest price per SFT compared to other sites in this locality. We have 350 seats per floor including common areas where other sites have 200-250 seats with in the same built-in area, which is helping us to serve you at the lowest market price per SFT with cost effectiveness.